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12/21/2011 #184


@Reem RT @egiziana5 Her name is Azza, 48 years old. Head shaven crying in pain now for more painkilers. Father deceased general.

@sharon_lynch RT @Repent11 Graphic: Azza is #redwoman in the #tahrirwoman video beaten by Army 20 times with batons on Saturday

@SouthwarkJ Think that #redwoman should get a humanitarian award for crossing the street to try and help #tahrirgirl. She didn’t walk on by. #egypt

@_YasmineG_ CNN’s report on #redwoman in #Tahrir: skull fractured by SCAF thugs video Via @TheMiinz

@SmithSofia Thousands of women denounce military violence against female protesters. link

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12/20/2011 #183


@blogman69 Anonymous takes down Egyptian Websites. #anonymous #cabincr3w #egypt #solidarity #tangodown link

@blogdiva heh RT @CabinCr3w Two hours and thirteen minutes still going. #tangodown #egypt

@oopsrevolution 16 hours after #anonymous attacked #Egypt’s #Government servers they are still Down. #TangoDown #Cabincr3w #anons #NoScaf

@torilife #Egypt That Awkward Moment when you realize #Anonymous brought your website down… #CabinCr3w #Lulz link

@youranonnews Egyptian Government Sites Taken Down. Forever Standing Together. Egypt Is Not Alone. United As One, Divided By Zero #Anonymous #Solidarity

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12/19/2011 #182


@zakstawski Sleeping residents in the port city of Cagayan de Oro awoke in the dark to quickly rising water. link

@jhrnews RT @justineabigail Funeral parlors overwhelmed as more than 900 are found dead in Philippines flood #Sendong link

@crsnews #Philippines #flood video from @AJEnglish shows extent of damage video

@disaster_center With morgues full, Philippine flood victims buried: Authorities organized the first mass burial. link

@wvcanadanews Evacuation centres are full of people in desperate need of food water + mosquito nets #Philippines link

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12/18/2011 #181


@exiledsurfer RT @birgittaj Bradley #Manning´s birthday celebration front of US embassy, Reykjavik #Iceland video

@erniesfo RT @ggreenwald Michael Moore on Bradley Manning: link

@crazycomposer Happy Birthday, U.S. Army Specialist, 570 days in prison before the State listed a single charge.

@birgittaj Almost Gone by Graham Nash and James Raymond: a song written for him. video

The young Army intelligence specialist Bradley Manning accused of disclosing government secrets spent his 24th birthday in court Saturday as his lawyers argued his status as a gay soldier before the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” played an important role in his actions.

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12/17/2011 #180


@iyad_elbaghdadi One year ago today, Mohamad Bouazizi set himself on fire in a sleepy town in Tunisia called Sidibouzid. And the rest is history.

@spy_games A fruit seller’s legacy to the Arab people link

@mercypolitics Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire one year ago today in Tunisia. His flame is still spreading link #ows #p2 #revolution

@moftasa Cairo one year after Bouazizi burned himself in Tunisia. photo /via @khalidabdalla

@ellielovell Interesting article about “the real Mohamed Bouazizi” a year after he set himself alight in Tunisia link

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12/16/2011 #179


@travellerw Army at the 3rd, 4th, and 6th floors throwing/firing from above at unarmed protesters. It’s absurd. #egypt #tahrir #asreleiny

@thebigpharaoh This is epic. Because army soldiers are throwing stones at us from roofs..helmet vendors appeared in tahrir!

@evanchill Soldiers and men in plainclothes beat me with batons, wooden sticks and once with a crowbar before I was taken inside.

@edndeb4858 Washington Post #Occupy Cabinet: Egyptian security clash with food-poisoned protesters – link #OWS

@newsweek Shocking Photos and Video From Clashes Between Military and Protesters at Egyptian Cabinet Offices link

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12/15/2011 #178


@cwpseattle FEMA Camps On 72 Hour Notice And Military Authorized To Arrest = Verifed | Before It’s News link

@sickjew Pass a bill that helps the US job market? No go. But pass a bill that opens the door to putting the unemployed in FEMA camps? No prob. #NDAA

@trefecta Last year around this time FEMA camps were a fun conspiracy theory.

@all3ndevil Much talk among construction, security, and food service industries about massive job opps in #FEMA camps run by #Haliburton ->BLAME #NDAA

@girl_onthego Want to be seriously wigged out? Click here ::shudder::

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12/14/2011 #177


@polymath22 Forbes calls the #NDAA the greatest threat to civil liberties Americans Face. link

@therealkeori #ThingsThatAreDead Our 1st,4th,5th,6th,7th, & 8th Amendment rights, thanks to #NDAA.

@dustinslaughter Say what you will about this “do-nothing Congress,” but they sure as hell know how to fast track fascism in America. #NDAA

@SabzBrach Lawmakers submit letter opposing #NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions: link

Directors of CIA, FBI, & Sec. of Defense against #NDAA. WHY is Congress for it? Learn more here — link

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12/13/2011 #176


@camerroneous What a waste of money/time! RT @thehill Farmdust bill approved. link

@triumphcio When are #politicians gonna stop wasting time on petty things like this. link

@heisahmaad Loud TV commercials to leave quietly, thanks to FCC : link (why is our government wasting time on this)

Add to stalemate over payroll tax the threat of government shutdown link #worstcongressever

@joemccannibal The #Senate is doing it’s first-ever secret Santa exchange… There’s a $10 spending limit, but they plan to go $14 trillion over budget.

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From “The Larna Campbell Daily”

Arrest By – @sannri  三里 New & bizarre & Fire Dept helping. Red tent (?) used on protesters today in Houston – #D12 #ows video @Korgasm_ Great shot by @Ghostpickles of protesters laying down in the road to Port… Dated Dec. 17, 2011

12/12/2011 #175


@sannri  三里 New & bizarre & Fire Dept helping. Red tent (?) used on protesters today in Houston – #D12 #ows video

@Korgasm_ Great shot by @Ghostpickles of protesters laying down in the road to Port of Houston Authority #D12TX #D12

@alisoncook I’d like to know about the “mystery tent” @ Port of Houston protests. And why some officers had their badges taped

@owsatlanta A Houston Judge has dropped ALL felony charges against Houston occupiers arrested at the port.

@anonsikko if youve ever had a red tent placed over you while shutting down the port of houston #youmightbeaterrorist

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12/11/2011 #174


@jafurtado Sunrise: What to expect in 2012: transformation, social media divide, crowd work, by @rossdawson Watch video

@borowitzreport If the Mayans are right and the world does end in 2012, at least there wouldn’t be any more presidential debates

@gabbarsingh God begins his 1 year notice period today. #2012

@Venturebeat In omninous retrospective, Anonymous warns, “Prepare for 2012″ by @deantak Read link

@pam3la 3 of 5 stars to The End of America by Naomi Wolf link

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12/10/2011 #173


@trip_44 Tens of thousands protest Russian govt in largest anti-government protest since the fall of Soviet rule #putin link

@rezaaslan Russian Spring? 50k gather across #Russia to protest rigged vote, demand new election. Quick, Putin. Take UR shirt off

@anemosnaftilos arrested Russian blogger helps rouse huge crowds to protest Putin’s authoritarian system and rigged elections link

Это было очень важное событие – Good blog and images by a Muscovite great pictures

@Mutahar_Hezam December 10 in #Moscow at the Swamp area held a protest rally in the all-Russian action against the rigging of elections to the #Duma #Russia #election photo

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12/09/2011 #172


@wendolen Xeni Jardin’s courageous, intimate account of being diagnosed with breast cancer. A must-read link

@rachelsklar Xeni tops herself in bravery, honesty and awesomeness. Godspeed. RT @xeni I wrote something about my diagnosis.

@robinsloan If people must travel to this cold planet, how lucky are we that some can think & feel & write the way @xeni can.

@robpegorara The most amazing writing I’ve read this week, this month, this year? @xeni on her cancer diagnosis.

@xeni The more I experience of life, the more I believe that compassion is the only logical response to life.

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12/08/2011 #171


Sarkozy: no second chance after Friday euro summit link

@euxtv Sarkozy sees ‘no second chance’ to save the euro video

@frpaddybyrne French president warns “No second chance” I think as an Irish citizen we must stand up to such threats. Our worth is greater than any euro.

@stratosathens And this is the 22nd chance RT @ollybarratt ‘if we don’t find an agreement by tomorrow, there will be no second chance.’ #sarkozy

@chrisadamsmkts Sarko: If we do not reach a deal on Fri, there will be no second chance. If a deal among 27 impossible, we do one among 17 EZ states

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12/07/2011 #170


@7areghumfacts Murderer’s son KILLER #Assad shooting lies & telling he is INNOCENT Was he watching TV while 5000 ppl killed in #Syria link

@timourchafik In every single answer u can see his lies. #Assad being interviewed by Barbara Walters video #Syria #ABC

@dimam78 THAT LAUGH! It makes me want to gouge my eyes out, because of the LIES! LIAR LIAR LIAR! #Assad #Syria

@jimman1 Amazing these despots think we’ll believe their outright lies – Syria’s Bashar al-Assad ‘feels no guilt’ over crackdown link

@nadiinee_h All you can read is lies oozing from Assad’s mouth. He even knows he’s a liar. Transcript with Barbra Walters: link

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12/06/2011 #169


@occupywallst Third house reclaimed! Crowd chanting, “we will occupy every foreclosed home in New York City!” #D6 #OWS

@francis_lam Heartbreaking,esp auctioneerRT @alexismadrigal See @mrdaveyd‘s tweets about #occupy shutting down a foreclosed house auction.

@mrdaveyd This family single mom lived in home 15 yrs..Fell 2 months behind.. Bank foreclosed..Similar scenario up & down this block #ows #oo…Just coming from alameda ct house steps where #occupy folk shut down the sale if foreclosed houses it was a beautiful thing..

@new_headline Occupy Our Homes’ Protesters Highlight Foreclosures Nationwide Video The Huffington Post: PROTECT THE HOUSE Occupy Movement Turns Attention To Foreclosure Crisis

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From “The Entertainment Daily”

Women 2011<<Daily Tweep Angryarabiya by Kelly Alison Zainab Al-Khawaja before her arrest, facing the security forces) #bahrain link @angryarabiya I have been thinkin… Dated Dec. 7, 2011

From “Scoop It”

Impressionistic art: PORTRAIT OF COURAGE Angryarabiya by Kelly Alison Dated Dec. 5, 2011

12/05/2011 #168


@Mo7ammedMirza تواجه قوات الأمن بأجيابها زينب الخواجة قبل إعتقالها، صورة بدقة أوضح: (Zainab Al-Khawaja before her arrest, facing the security forces) #bahrain link

@angryarabiya I have been thinking for awhile about our protests, and tweeting that we shud be sitting peacefully infront of police, not running ..Going thru details of how my father was tortured, I kept thinking… I WILL NOT accept to live under this regime..

@angryarabiya I have to thank loads of ppl, many of them on twitter. It seems the news got out fast & thats why the orders of arrest were changed #Bahrain

@lisang Riveting video interview of @angryarabiya by @robertmackey for @thelede MUST READ link

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12/4/2011 #167


Broken Arms for Egypt

@monaeltahawy Nov 24 I AM FREE …12 hours with Interior Ministry bastards and military intelligence combined. Can barely type – must go xray arms after CSF pigs beat me. @Sarahngb is coming to kindly take me to the hospital. Besides beating me, the dogs of CSF subjected me to the worst sexual assault ever

@monaeltahawy Nov 30 Left arm problem is that break in my ulnar bone is displaced. Regular breaks fuse when bones are aligned. Break in right metacarpal

Dec 4 @monaeltahawy
My take on nudity: #Egypt’s naked blogger is a bomb aimed at the patriarchs in our minds link via @guardian

This one’s for you Mona from me video

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55 images from the Daily Tweep project were exhibited at Nau-haus Art in Houston

Headline news in Occupy Story

12/03/2011 #166


@MikeHogan98FM Amazing. RT: @Martinoleary What a crazy world we live in. Check out the 45 most powerful images of 2011 link #2011 #life

I really wish this year ends soon, so much losses and shed blood. May Allah be merciful on us. #2011 #Egypt

@MajlaMo We enter another month and the final month of this year, #2011 one of the historic years.

@coolshax Twitter’s top 10 tweets of 2011 | Articles link #twitter #socialmedia

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From “Occupy Houston”

TWEEP: Opening Dec. 3 THE 99%
collection of Billie and Marv Chasen Opening on December 3rd, 2011, 55 images from the Daily Tweep project were exhibited at Nau-haus Art in Houston. You can view and read the Catalog onli…


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