12/21/2011 #184


@Reem RT @egiziana5 Her name is Azza, 48 years old. Head shaven crying in pain now for more painkilers. Father deceased general.

@sharon_lynch RT @Repent11 Graphic: Azza is #redwoman in the #tahrirwoman video beaten by Army 20 times with batons on Saturday

@SouthwarkJ Think that #redwoman should get a humanitarian award for crossing the street to try and help #tahrirgirl. She didn’t walk on by. #egypt

@_YasmineG_ CNN’s report on #redwoman in #Tahrir: skull fractured by SCAF thugs video Via @TheMiinz

@SmithSofia Thousands of women denounce military violence against female protesters. link

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12/20/2011 #183


@blogman69 Anonymous takes down Egyptian Websites. #anonymous #cabincr3w #egypt #solidarity #tangodown link

@blogdiva heh RT @CabinCr3w Two hours and thirteen minutes still going. #tangodown #egypt

@oopsrevolution 16 hours after #anonymous attacked #Egypt’s #Government servers they are still Down. #TangoDown #Cabincr3w #anons #NoScaf

@torilife #Egypt That Awkward Moment when you realize #Anonymous brought your website down… #CabinCr3w #Lulz link

@youranonnews Egyptian Government Sites Taken Down. Forever Standing Together. Egypt Is Not Alone. United As One, Divided By Zero #Anonymous #Solidarity

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12/19/2011 #182


@zakstawski Sleeping residents in the port city of Cagayan de Oro awoke in the dark to quickly rising water. link

@jhrnews RT @justineabigail Funeral parlors overwhelmed as more than 900 are found dead in Philippines flood #Sendong link

@crsnews #Philippines #flood video from @AJEnglish shows extent of damage video

@disaster_center With morgues full, Philippine flood victims buried: Authorities organized the first mass burial. link

@wvcanadanews Evacuation centres are full of people in desperate need of food water + mosquito nets #Philippines link

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12/18/2011 #181


@exiledsurfer RT @birgittaj Bradley #ManningĀ“s birthday celebration front of US embassy, Reykjavik #Iceland video

@erniesfo RT @ggreenwald Michael Moore on Bradley Manning: link

@crazycomposer Happy Birthday, U.S. Army Specialist, 570 days in prison before the State listed a single charge.

@birgittaj Almost Gone by Graham Nash and James Raymond: a song written for him. video

The young Army intelligence specialist Bradley Manning accused of disclosing government secrets spent his 24th birthday in court Saturday as his lawyers argued his status as a gay soldier before the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” played an important role in his actions.

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12/17/2011 #180


@iyad_elbaghdadi One year ago today, Mohamad Bouazizi set himself on fire in a sleepy town in Tunisia called Sidibouzid. And the rest is history.

@spy_games A fruit seller’s legacy to the Arab people link

@mercypolitics Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire one year ago today in Tunisia. His flame is still spreading link #ows #p2 #revolution

@moftasa Cairo one year after Bouazizi burned himself in Tunisia. photo /via @khalidabdalla

@ellielovell Interesting article about “the real Mohamed Bouazizi” a year after he set himself alight in Tunisia link

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12/16/2011 #179


@travellerw Army at the 3rd, 4th, and 6th floors throwing/firing from above at unarmed protesters. It’s absurd. #egypt #tahrir #asreleiny

@thebigpharaoh This is epic. Because army soldiers are throwing stones at us from roofs..helmet vendors appeared in tahrir!

@evanchill Soldiers and men in plainclothes beat me with batons, wooden sticks and once with a crowbar before I was taken inside.

@edndeb4858 Washington Post #Occupy Cabinet: Egyptian security clash with food-poisoned protesters – link #OWS

@newsweek Shocking Photos and Video From Clashes Between Military and Protesters at Egyptian Cabinet Offices link

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12/15/2011 #178


@cwpseattle FEMA Camps On 72 Hour Notice And Military Authorized To Arrest = Verifed | Before It’s News link

@sickjew Pass a bill that helps the US job market? No go. But pass a bill that opens the door to putting the unemployed in FEMA camps? No prob. #NDAA

@trefecta Last year around this time FEMA camps were a fun conspiracy theory.

@all3ndevil Much talk among construction, security, and food service industries about massive job opps in #FEMA camps run by #Haliburton ->BLAME #NDAA

@girl_onthego Want to be seriously wigged out? Click here ::shudder::

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