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June 2011



6/30/2011 Day 99 of 365 days


Taliban Raid on Kabul Hotel Ends After 4-Hour Battle – Taliban suicide bombers armed with automatic weapons… link

“21 die in Taleban raid …”

@ecolutionary Attack at Kabul Hotel Deflates Security Hopes in Afghanistan link

@khadijapatel Welcome to the Hotel Intercontinental Kabul, Where the Past Is Another Country great read

Kabul hotel attack leader killed by Nato aircraft: Coalition says leader of insurgents who attacked Intercontine… link

Eric Burden and the Animals HOTEL HELL listen

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6/29/2011 Day 98 of 365 days


Dedicated to Loai Nagati

@sarrahsworld 1033 injured in last night/this morning’s crackdown.

Tear gas canisters fired by the police were produced in 2011. They’ve been buying new stock from the US. via @3arabawy

@winter_sonata88 RT:@TravellerW Demonstrator on a wheelchair.Makes running from teargas feel cowardly. bless you mate. #tahrir #june28 picture

The new batch of tear gas #CSF is using is ridiculously pungent and hurts much more. #Jun28

Rollings Stones, Jumping Jack Flash It’s a GAS GAS GAS, listen here

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6/28/2011 Day 97 of 365 days


Note too self: Pray for rain! And ask followers to send any that they don’t need. #NMFIRE #amen

@LAMonitor Los Alamos Monitor
Los Alamos lab announces Wednesday closure due to wildfire… Get the story here News at the speed of NOW!

There’s a dragon with matches loose on the town, Take a whole pail of water just to cool him down… Grateful Dead, listen here

Weather Channel has posted #LasConchas fire videos from various Youtubers: video #nmfire

Los Alamos National Laboratory Photostream here

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6/27/2011 Day 96 of 365 days


“We will arrest him like a rat from a hole, as happened with Saddam Hussein,” said #NTC spokesman Mostafa al-Ghariani to dpa #ICC #Libya

RT @ShababLibya Photo celebrations #Benghazi in response 2 the ICC’s arrest warrant 4 #Gadhafi, Seif, Al-Sanoussi photo

charges include torturing and killing civilians RT @GdnLaw War crimes court issues Gaddafi arrest warrant link #Libya

RuVR: NATO bombs Gaddafi’s residence: Two powerful explosions sounded in the Libyan capital Tripoli on M… link |#Libya

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6/25/2011 Day 95 of 365 days


@yituagar Afghanistan
Car bomb kills at least 30 in Afghanistan: Saturday, June 25, 2011A suicide bomber det…

A deadly car bomb has hit a hospital in Afghanistan’s eastern Logar province, with women, children and elderly among the casualties.

Logar car bomb: “The casualties are all patients, their visitors and relatives and hospital personnel. link

Car Bomb Blast at Afghan Hospital Kills at Least 20 NYT

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6/24/2011 Day 94 of 365 days


Special Report: Europe’s other crisis Reuters Refugees arriving in EU may have rude awakening

EU Schengen Treaty reforms will allow countries to close borders to refugees from the N African uprisings, requested by Italy & France

Approx 5500 Tunisian refugees have just arrived in Italy… And we have ppl complaining too many come here #630negus

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6/23/2011 Day 93 of 365 days


@ColbertReport “What happens in Vegus, blows up Tripoli” The Word

RT @bilibutterfield Drones & CIA: Can we wage a global war without troops or allies? – Slate Magazine – link

Obama Won’t Use Troops to Save Afghan Hellhole (Drones, Maybe) link

Drones/raids won’t get rid of extremism-it’s a mindset we are going after. My interview with Rachel @Maddow Video link

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6/22/2011 Day 92 of 365 days


@ColbertReport “A Heavily Armed Semester Abroad” The Word

On the bright side, Obama’s limited kinetic operations may qualify him for the Nobel Prize in Physics. #Libya

Robert Gates speaks of not war but “limited kinetic operations” in Libya link… Orwell just did a somersault in his grave

AlterNet: What’s #Victory? The Nine #Orwellian #Propaganda Terms That Define Our #War State link #NATO #Orwell #tcot #p2

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6/21/2011 Day 91 of 365 days


Many DamascusU students injured;security stationed inside &outside dorms,detaining any students from Dara. #Syria

Security forces raided rooms in dorm unit 16- Several wounded by vicious beating of students #Damascus #Syria

RT @sara055 Syrian forces raid dorms; 3 Damascus University students killed|Ya Libnan| link #Syria

3 Killed in Syrian Dorm Raid thedailybeast

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6/19/2011 Day 89 of 365 days


Russia nuclear agency claims Nebraska plant suffers meltdown, which plant denies WeatherTech & PlanetSave

!!LEVEL 4 EMERGENCY!! Nebraska Nuclear Plant Flooded About to Get Worse… podcast via youtube

What’s going on with this Nebraska nuclear plant, anyway?? link #Nebraska #nuclear

Video: Officials say flooded nuclear plant in Nebraska safe: link



6/18/2011 Day 88 of 365 days


@lametube Hey Remembering #ClarenceClemons – Spirit in the Night -#BruceSpringsteen Live 1973 in Los Angeles Video via @youtube

@ajclifestyle #BruceSpringsteen statement on the heartbreaking news about the death of #ClarenceClemons – link

#BruceSpringsteen Bloodbrother: Clarence Clemons, 1942-2011 : The New Yorker link

Clarance Clemons and the E-Street band, London 2009 BORN TO RUN Springsteen introduces THE BIG MAN video

My fave #BruceSpringsteen #EStreetBand song: Thunder Road What is yours?



6/17/2011 Day 87 of 365 days


@asiancha Environmentalists — assassinated — in the Amazon. Video

RT @celinecousteau This is truly sad! Fighting against illegal logging in the Amazon leads to 6th murder. link

The power of lobbies and economic industries to kill and blind the law: Murder in the Amazon NewYorker

@OnEarthMag Death in the Amazon: a war being fought for us all | Damian Carrington | Environment | link



6/15/2011 Day 86 of 365 days


Picture of Syrian children in refugee camps in #Turkey: link #Syria #SY11

@traceygalvin Syrian troops ‘widening’ crackdown – Middle East – Al Jazeera English link via @AJEnglish

#Syria The criminal syrian regime makes Jsr Alshgoor a ghost town #assadcrimes link

Turkish PM, Syrian envoy to meet as refugee numbers mount link.



6/14/2011 Day 85 of 365 days


Mad Max 4, starring the citizens of Libya link

DIY Mad Max: #Libya rebels’ battlefield improvisation link The #hacker ethos in action

New blog post. ‘Libyan Rebels – Mad Max Battlewagons.’ link

@robcrilly Libyan Rebels: A Sound Track link In Misurata, fighters turn to Pink Floyd in war against Gadaffi #libya by @xanrice

@Winterpool Libya, Somalia, etc have shown I was wrong to sneer at the aesthetics of the -Mad Max- franchise as a child.



6/13/2011 Day 84 of 365 days


Rebels fighting against #Gaddafi forces launched an offensive Sunday to retake the oil town of #Brega link #Libya #Feb17

Another tragedy near #Brega. Apparently poor #NATO-FF coordination has cost the FF dearly (at least 6 dead ..)

#Brega: “Our fighters were tricked. #Gaddafi’s soldiers pretended to surrender, coming w/ a white flag, & then they fired on us” #Libya

25 peple hav beEn killed in the ambush east of #Brega there bodies have been butcherd, bodies unreachable due to fighting



6/12/2011 Day 83 of 365 days


AZ wildfire close to being the state’s worst link. Yet it’s only 1/6 of size of Colombian land fumigated: link

@smokey_bear: Worst in Arizona history…

Wow RT @stephensurefire: Amazing photos here – The Big Picture – Arizona wildfires – PHOTOS

RING OF FIRE, Johnny Cash and June Carter.. video here



6/11/2011 Day 82 of 365 days



The young aged Freedom Fighters in #Misurata city Video #Libya

#Zawia Freedom fighters stare death in the eye and laugh in the pursuit of freedom video #Libya #Zawiya #FF.

Extremely heavy fighting in Misrata. Freedom fighters resist Gaddafi forces counter-attack Video #Libya



6/10/2011 Day 81 of 365 days


#Misrata Hospital awash in blood again more then 40 FF injured many in critical condition shot @ by G tanks Deathtoll rising rapidly #Libya

#Gaddafi is timing it. He sees world focusing on #syria and #yemen so he is like, let’s kill some people in #Misrata. 20 dead 2dat. #libya

#ZLITEN 35 dead, 100 injured, hospital surrounded with tanks, @NATO @NATOpress @UKMilOps WHERE ARE YOU!!!!???? #MISRATA #NAFUSA #LIBYA

I’m so sorry #misrata – we should of done more to protect you from the evil #Gadaffi machine.



6/09/2011 Day 80 of 365 days


Turkey says 4,300 people have now crossed its border fleeing violence… link

Turkey is preparing to accommodate as many as 1 million Syrian refugees link

Syrian refugees tell of government atrocities: The Syrian dictator is slaughtering hi… link

Turkey keeping over 5000 Syrian refugees behind fences not allowing them to leave border between countrys,thousands more due to arrive.

GIMME SHELTER Rolling Stones 1995 in Amsterdam



6/08/2011 Day 79 of 365 days


U.S. Intensifying Secret, Covert War In Yemen link

If you read this, please don’t tell Yemen – seriously, Fox? CIA Preparing Secret Drone Strikes in Yemen: link

Is it that time again? I spy #Yemen “experts” who wouldn’t know Zindani from a Zaydi.

@Brian_Whit #Yemen, and the trouble with ‘democratic transition’

Revolution in #Yemen: This is how it began: picture



6/07/2011 Day 78 of 365 days


Amnesty Int’l
Syrian blogger, Amina Abdalla, was abducted yesterday. To get updates on her status “like” the fb page #freeamina

Photo from #FreeAmina FB page does look just like Myspace image of Jelena Lecic, Londoner identified by the publicist link

Ehh, that’s not an apology. Weasel. RT @alphaleah #AMINA : Confession & apology by (male) author link #Syria #FreeAmina

@acarvin Andy Carvin on the #Amina Hoax – BBC World Today 6.13.11 Video



6/06/2011 Day 77 of 356 days


Arizona forest fire expands to 193,000 acres: An enormous wildfire that forced the evacuation of several mountai… link

A massive wildfire continues to burn in eastern Arizona, chewing through hundreds of thousands of acres. 3pmET: link

#Arizona: 2200 people displaced as #WallowFire spreads, torching nearly 200,000 acres of land. link #AZFire



6/05/2011 Day 76 of 356 days


Volcano erupts in southern Chile, authorities evacuate about 3,500 people living nearby – Minneapolis Star Tribune : link

@breakingweather Accu Weather
A Chilean #volcano that began erupting on Saturday after decades of being dormant will keep sending ash toward Argentina. link

3,500 evacuate as Chilean volcano erupts: A column of gas 10 km high and five km wide rose from the mountain. link

Reply #FromSpace We can see the volcano but I haven’t yet Can someone plz send me the coordinates?



6/04/2011 Day 75 of 356 days


Reports are coming in from #Yemen via official and unofficial sources: #Saleh has left the country. #Tahrir #ArabSpring @Everywhereistan

Saleh Left……Change Square Celebrates….Gunfire & Explosions Renewed…..Uncertainty still prevails in Yemen. #Sanaa #GCC #Saudi

So now it’s confirmed that #Saleh has gone to #Saudi for treatment. Are #Yemenis celebrating or too early? May he never return!!

We just got rid of the snake’s head now we have to get rid of the rest of it’s body like the poet Ahmed Mattar said. #Yemen #yf



6/03/2011 Day 75 of 356 days


@imothanaYemen: ..lovely afternoon.!! Gunfire, antiaircraft and bombardment from the mountain overlooking my house!!..#Sanaa #Yemen

#SANAA by phone: many areas are on fire, in Ahasabah area…

Close aide #Saleh: President #Saleh said: “I’ll leave #Yemen as it was when I first took it” – ie, civil war, chaos, poverty etc. link

Hope for a less violent day tomorrow in #yemen although it seems highly unlikely. be safe everyone

Yemeni tribesmen strike at the heart of power in bombing of presidential palace. #saleh #sanaa full story



6/01/2011 Day 73 of 356 days


“We are all 13 year old Hamza al-Khateeb…” link #Syria #Egypt

Tortured teen boy becomes face of Syrian revolution – Herald Sun #Syria #fb link

@BiancaJagger Jagger
RT SYRIA: Child victim’s Facebook page becomes platform for opposition link via @latimesworld

Total number of children killed in Syrian revolution reached 72-72 spirits & lives taken by security forces’ bullets & torture vaults #Syria

This is a slide show of killed & injured kids in #syria since beginning of protests. 2morrow #syria demonstarte 4 them link