July 2011

7/31/2011 Day 127 of 365 days


@rallaf Instead of wishing each other a blessed Ramadan, we are counting our dead, our wounded & all our broken homes.

@Maysoon__ What monstrous, barbaric & soulless people there are in this world. Prayers to all my Syrian brothers & sisters!

@FreeLibyanman MY GOD. in #Hama, u cant flee, u cant stay. death is the only fate. wts up, let kids, women leave @the very least. @UN @AJEnglish #Pray4Hama

@SyrianSunnyBoy Protests in #Syria: 135 days, 2918 missing, 1634 killed, 12617 detainees. 1 dead every 2 hrs, 1 missing every 1 hr, 1 arrested every 15 mins

Special Thanks to @InterzoneRebels for using this work in your story

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7/29/2011 Day 126 of 365 days


@purplesufa Who killed Abdel-Fattah Younis? Death of military chief worries Libyan rebels’ Western backers link via washingtonpost

@pascaluccelli [uruknet.info] Abdul Fatah Younis Killing: War Death or Assassination? link

@wkenneth Gen Abdel Fatah Younis obituary: Libyan military leader who was close to Gaddafi and then defected to the rebels… link

@EnoughGaddafi Can US Libya strategy survive the assassination of Younis?” – article says NATO powers must stay the course link

@Gheblawi #Libya After General Younis’s Murder: Q And A With Noman Benotman – Analysis: link

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7/28/2011 Day 125 of 365 days


@frontpage9 With Ebay having lost billions (& 1000s accounts), #OpPayPal is one of the most successful peaceful protests in history. link

@AnonymousIRC #OpPayPal video version: link | Cancel your PayPal account, we thank you for your support! #AntiSec

@anonymouSabu Interesting how we amassed tens of thousands of people over night for #oppaypal and media were hesitant to write on it.

@stephenbsander #PayPal allows donations to white extremist & anti-Muslim organisations but not #WikiLeaks | Washington Post: link #OpPayPal

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7/27/2011 Day 124 of 365 days


@CJ_Marchello Tonight on @cspan : The decline and fall of the American Empire!!! #debtceilings

@sznq @esukop the American Empire is in sunset mode. Like the British Empire was 100 years or so ago.

@aliceinreality I guess the sun has to set on the American empire, too. And in true stereotypical American style, it goes down loud & stupid.

@sporkmarketing Check it out – we made this: American families and their hefty debt load INFOGRAPHIC

@ytjepoppinga The rise and fall of the North American Empire? Hope we see white smoke before the 2nd of August. This uncertainty is killing.

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7/26/2011 Day 123 of 365 days


@debmorello RT @Storyful Prompted by @jeffjarvis Americans kick up a Twitter storm over #debt ceiling crisis full story

@PyreBorn FYW for thinking that #1984 was an instruction manual

@polymath22 Ron Paul politely says FYU link

@aNOLAmous FUY b/c the average CEO earns 300 times more than the average worker and the average worker works 1040 hours more per year.

@hungryhole FYW and your wooden teeth.

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7/25/2011 Day 122 of 365 days


@sara055 The 27 Club: Where Winehouse joins Hendrix, Joplin and Cobain |Globe and Mail| link

@spikedonline With the death of Amy Winehouse, British music has lost what should have been its brightest talent link

@jemimakiss Perfectly observed, beautifully expressed – Laura Barton nails the ferocious, unsanitised womanhood of Amy Winehouse: link

It’s a sad day when an amazingly creative and talented person, such as #AmyWinehouse, can’t get control of their inner demons. RIP

Amy Winehouse on Later Live “Rehab” video

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7/24/2011 Day 121 of 365 days


@DustinSlaughter What?! RT @SkyNewsBreak AP: Eyewitness tells NRK broadcaster he saw more than 20 bodies on #Utoya Island, Norway, after youth camp shooting

@asbjornu RT @shanselman “Tragic how so many people assumed the Norway Terrorist was Muslim. Evil doesn’t discriminate nor does it have a religion.”.

via BBCNews VIDEO: Oslo bombing: ‘It was absolute chaos’

@Mwforhr Norwegian ‘right-wing Christian’ charged by police – Channel 4 News

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also featured Vigeland Sculpture Park



7/22/2011 Day 120 of 365 days


@analopezct A must-read RT @TIME Famine in Somalia: When does the world decide to use the ‘F’ word? link

@sureshweb Somalia Reeling Under Famine, But Militants Thwart Aid Efforts: Over two million Somalis could be facing starv… link

@OxfamEAfrica Human face of Somalia’s famine shared on Twitter by @malachybrowne on @storyful Read story here.

@mhughes3500 Scenes from Somalia: Famine, drought and terror link

@serenac13 Powerful >> In the face of famine | Photographers link

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7/21/2011 Day 119of 365 days


@PicoBee via @Fissa82 BREAKING NEWS: Another heartbreaking story; 14-yr-old girl was found in container on the outskirts of Brega. She… link

@Skeptical4 #Brega SAVAGES: AJ:14-year-old girl was found in container on outskirts of Brega, kidnapped long time ago.

@dovenews Gaddafi soldier said on Libya.tv “I have witnessed rape, they gave us chocolate which makes ppl unaware of what they doing”

@MoomjyN End Rape as a Weapon of War: video

@rashmimuni Gloria Steinem on the Use of Rape as a Weapon | Women, War and Peace | PBS | @scoopit link

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7/20/2011 Day 119of 365 days


Kicking the can down the road has led to a US debt ceiling cris… link (via @PsychToday)

@whitehouse We know what we have to do to reduce our deficits, there’s no point in putting the economy at risk by kicking the can further down the road.

@angelsavant @BuckeyeVoter and the whole debt ceiling issue is just kicking the can for the fed debt cycle and not the solution.

@Corcoran310 “Kicking the can down the road” is quickly replacing “rammed that bill down the people’s throat” as my favorite political metaphor.

@Alicebonniesmom Elected officials keep “kicking the can down the road.” They should put on gym shoes & knickers, & meet in the alley to resolve debt crisis!

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7/20/2011 Day 118 of 365 days


Displacement and Difference: Contemporary Arab Visual Culture in the Diaspora (Asian Art & Society): link

@eric_wen West Side Story has some strong commentary on social factors that contribute to inner-city violence & problems faced by diaspora communities

@KhairiAkili @LIBA144 The problem is that we don’t view ourselves as a nation nor do we see or cultivate our connection 2 our ppl throughout the Diaspora

A diaspora is the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from an established or ancestral homeland or people dispersed by whatever cause to more than one location or “people settled far from their ancestral homelands

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7/18/2011 Day 117 of 365 days


@Tweet_This_Rock Good news:Poet Ayat Al-Gormezi released from Bahrain prison. support-Go to PEN Am Ctr: link


@khalidalkhalifa I’ll feel optimistic when those responsible for torturing ayat, nazeeha & mazen mahdi are made known & prosecuted #Bahrain

@RFWorldNews Bahrain royal family tortures detainees’: Bahraini poetess Ayat al-Qurmezi says some m… link

recent update: @QueenClair bahrain we just heard a rumor that Ayat has been taken back into custody. Can anyone confirm or deny this???

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7/17/2011 Day 116 of 365 days


@ctbto_alerts 66 years ago today: July 16, 1945, first-ever #nuclear test – “Trinity” in New Mexico, United States – Infamous Anniversaries link

@KforKilla Just watched Trinity and Beyond: The Atomic Bomb Movie….very interesting…during the testing era the US tested over 300 nuclear bombs

@RadicallyMe1 #Trinity #and #Beyond – #the #Atomic #Bomb #Movie [Blu#_ray]: In the salad days of nuclear-weapons testing, the… link

Check this video out — in alamogordo, new mexico, on july 16, 1945 Video

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7/16/2011 Day 114 of 365 days


@Parnellli “they spot a suspected mine, they kneel down & proceed to dig it up with their bare hands” link #FEB17 #Brega #Libya

@RRowleyTucson #NATO helicopters hit #Gaddafi military convoys as they tried to re-supply Gaddafi’s forces outside #Brega this morning. #Libya #feb17

via @changeinlibya What on Earth is happening in #Brega? A short explanation 20/07/201 & Excellent Maps #libya link

#BREGA JUST LOOK @THIS ! Long Convoy of Freedom Fighters #Libyan National Army heading to #Brega through the sandstorm Video

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7/15/2011 Day 112 of 365 days


@GypsyDesert Apparently Monsanto co has been hacked..Lawdy lawdy..rolles the eyes!

@cedoxx Monsanto Agricultural biotech confirmed that its network was Hacked by Anonymous ~ link

@a1049 Granny asked me: do you know about these #Anonymous people? Me: yeah, why? They are great, they hacked #Monsanto, the Frankenstein company!

@gregorylent if #anonymous hacked #monsanto, drinks are on me.

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7/14/2011 Day 111 of 365 days


@BoingBoing Rupert Murdoch reveals demonic horns link

@uk_media Neil Wallis: Former News of the World editor ‘hired by Met Police as consultant’ – from Daily Mail: Former execu… link

@finnertymike Has News Corps denied hacking into phones of New York City 9/11 victims? link

Phone hacking: live coverage: Get the latest updates as the fallout continues from the News of the World phone-h… link

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7/13/2011 Day 110 of 365 days


#terror attacks on mumbai make it clear, this city is their fav…hit where it hurts the most. We are so vulnerable

@DeepXP Very ugly face of Mumbai Blasts.. (Image NOT for kids – contains blood, lot of blood) link

@brainpicker Important – @ushahidi has already set up a crowdsourced crisis map for the #Mumbai bombings #TEDGlobal link

@Morgane_R We complain of 1 attack in the US + this happens everywhere in the world: Terror strikes Mumbai again w/series of blasts link

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7/11/2011 Day 109 of 365 days


Our country’s shameful “Let them eat cake!” moment this week. link

@aseitzwald Obama may take the kids to Camp David to force them to eat their peas. link

@DTNWorldNews DTN World News: Obama, debt, peas, and Jell-O: The debt talks are turning into a culinary discussion. link

@LogoMotives Earlier this week President Obama told us to “eat our peas.” Ed’s out in the garden right now, pickin’ ’em for dinner tonight…

President Obama’s famous words to be added to those of Churchill, Lincoln, Socrates. “Its time to eat our peas.”

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7/10/2011 Day 108 of 365 days


@LoliOoh RT @paulocoelho You don’t need to explain your dreams. They belong to you. #Saudiwomen #shout #quotes

New Zealand’s “maskophobia” epidemic! #SaudiWomen beware! link

@AaraMansouri While the lucky& brave few can seek alternative opportunities in welcoming neighbour countries,not all #SaudiWomen have those opportunities

@Ana3rabeya speaking to @Saudeliuos @ClassicDiva @maysaaamoudi @Saudiwoman Do u not c, #Women2Drive is First Step of many! Who r u 2 prioritize #SaudiWomen Rights?.

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7/09/2011 Day 107 of 365 days


@SudanSentinel Video from @EnoughProject in Juba today: South #Sudan readies for independence: link #2sudans

@chashomans Extraordinary new photos of Sudan from Juba-based Tim McKulka in @FP_Magazine link

@faithcnn #SouthSudan flag has officially been hoisted. Some in the crowd are weeping. #juba

@glcarlstrom Sounds like a plane taking off from #Juba airport every five minutes. Clearly not many VIPs overnighting here.

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7/07/2011 Day 106 of 365 days


@RajaAlthaibani President saleh speaking live on yemen channel. Face burned #Yemen

@20arb11 Tripoli
#Yemen it looks like some dictators burn in life as a warning for the hereafter . What will happen to Gaddafi if this happened to #salah

Saleh, I’m glad you are suffering just like you made and are still making your people suffer. #Yemen

#Saleh now reminds me of Murray, the demonic talking skull from Monkey Island 3. #Yemen

Saleh with a burned face: I had 8 successful surgeries picture #yemen.

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7/06/2011 Day 105 of 365 days


@realofficernarc And for however tasteless my jokes are, at least I’m not making money exploiting Caylee’s death the way Nancy Grace is.

@BorowitzReport Remember, folks: in America, you’re innocent until Nancy Grace spends every night for 3 years saying you’re guilty.

@deuce788 Nancy Grace…Time to join Glenn Beck.

@richmhuff Nancy Grace “embodies everything that’s wrong with cable TV” link

@iboudreau BREAKING: New Florida law would make it legal to hit Nancy Grace in her giant rage head with a croquet mallet.

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7/05/2011 Day 104 of 365 days


Massive Haboob Hits Phoenix

Here’s my timelapse of the haboob from downtown Phoenix…blown away by it (almost literally) – link

@JesseJHamilton Dr. Forbes will analyze the haboob in 3D at the top of the hour…

@digiRT “In a city full of fakes this haboob was real!”all!

You guys are f*&%ing with me, yeah? There’s no such word as #haboob.

Video and Pictures from StoryFul link

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7/04/2011 Day 103 of 365 days


RT @asteris Happy 4th of July to my American friends. Don’t forget that a revolution based on the ideals of Enlightenment birthed ur nation

A very happy 4th of July to any and all ..Especially those still surviving from the American Revolution. Thank you all!

Someone in Harlem is re-enacting the Revolutionary War, firing off cannons. Stay away from windows.

During the Revolutionary War, George Washington marked the 4th of July by giving a double ration of rum to his soldiers.

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, Yankee Doodle Dandy video

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7/03/2011 Day 102 of 365 days


29 year old mother of three shot in head on Friday in #Homs whilst reportedly giving water to demonstrators #syria

video shows security man sniping the photographer while gunfire is going on in Karm Ashami (#Homs) video#Syria #Mar15

@InterzoneRebels Sidhe D’mento
RT @SyrianDreams: BBC: Syrian troops are raiding houses and arresting people in the central city of #Hama link #Syria

Brave ppl of #Hama #Syria standing up vs oppressive regime link #damascus #douma #daraa #homs #aleppo @ac360 @bbc @cnn @ap

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7/02/2011 Day 101 of 365 days


What is it with evil dictators & their funny metaphors?- Gaddafi vows to sting Europe like ‘swarm of bees’ link

#Gaddafi says…”If we decide 2 …we are capable of throwing ourselves on Europe like swarms of locusts or bees.” anti psych meds are low?

Gaddafi said in today’s speech that his supporters could come to Europe “like bees, like locusts.” Please no, I hate insects.

And #SaifsBeard can float like a butterfly,he added. via bnnNEWSLIVE Libya can sting Europe like a ‘swarm of bees’ said #Gaddafi.

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7/01/2011 Day 100 of 365 days


@larry_larrant Humanity will no longer allow control freaks to debase life ~ sick’em #riotdog~ video

#RiotDog gets in amongst it in Greece: photos

i loved the #RiotDog. ^^ i am in love with this dog. i hope it is safe and nothing happens to him. ^^reply to @larry_larrant

His name is Loukanikos, but we call him #RIOTDOG! photo

TRL: Let’s hear it for Loukanikos animation #nowplaying #greekrevolution #classwar #riotdog

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