August 2011

8/26/2011 Day 140 of 365 days


Hurricane Irene Relief: Food & Supplies Desperately Needed, Here Are Drop-Off Points

@Copernispiracy Hurricane Irene Imminent on East Coast. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Nuclear shutdowns. #HAARP? | Sovereign Independent link

@GulfHurricanes Hurricane Irene costs New York City $55 million: officials – New York Daily News – link

For Some in Mamaroneck, Hurricane Never Left: Since Hurricane Irene hit Mamaroneck Village, the lives … link

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8/23/2011 Day 139 of 365 days


@diceylee808 Interview with freedom fighter after he returns from #Gaddafi’s bedroom… I love his hat… video

@lisaloulaa Haha, I do like that fella that was on the news earlier who went into Gadaffi’s bedroom and stole his hat😀

Still can’t get over the video of the guy wearing Gs hat & necklace. Priceless. What an image! #Libya #feb17

@tink1600 Can’t help smiling at the happy guy on #skynews wearing Gadaffi’s hat. A lighter moment in a terrible and devastating conflict. #libya

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8/20/2011 Day 138 of 365 days



ITS THE BEGINNING OF THE END #ZEROHOUR IN #LIBYA. Operation Dawn of the Sea Bride has begun, on the anniversary of Mecca liberation

WOW there is live gunfire in the house as Mohammed Gaddafi is speaking on the phone with Al Jazeera

@bnnNEWSLIVE Libyan TV presenter appears with gun on air, threatens to become martyr – RIA Novosti #libya

@bleekerk RT @ShababLibya Alex Crawford in the centre of Tripoli as civilians in Tripoli pour out of their homes to hug the FF’s #Libya #Tripoli video

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8/19/2011 Day 137 of 365 days


@ThePeoplesForum Wall Street: Awful August video

@yengreyes One week left and we’re saying goodbye to awful august. Here’s to a better september🙂

Bought some Asian stocks so I can panic for 14 hours a day rather than just 6½.

@workforfood 2011 stock market summed up in one image.

@lcranston1939 Robert Reich: How Austerity Is Ushering in a Global Recession

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8/17/2011 Day 136 of 365 days


@cherokee_autumn Dominionism: Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry’s Dangerous Religious Bond – The Daily Beast link

@RuthT2A Learn all about the New Apostic Reformation evangelicals, the power behind Governor Perry link

@Charlie_O So what did the pitchfork-wielding book burners do today? Oh, Rick Perry defended Creationism. Here we come, 1860.

@LOLGOP To be fair, scientists don’t believe in Rick Perry. video

@BorowitzReport According to my calculations, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann still need 2 more horsemen.

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8/16/2011 Day 135 of 365 days


ANONYMOUS Protests Over Fatal BART Police Shooting Shuts Down Four San Francisco Train Stations During Rush Hour link

Via @YourAnonNews Powerful Message to Every American, Bloggers and Hackers video #OpBART #Anonymous

BART bit off more than they can chew by blocking cell use to try to thwart legitimate protest. ‘Anonymous’ to continue till BART apologizes.

Most ppl I’m riding w on BART are sympathetic to the civil disobedience closures, despite minor inconvenience #opBART

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8/10/2011 Day 134 of 365 days


Somalia is at the centre of the drought that has brought famine to Africa. 12 million people, more than 29,000

@kitchenlately Food for Somalia’s starving being stolen: By Katharine Houreld AP / August 16, 2011 MOGADISHU, Somalia

@wkenneth Talk point: your questions on the famine in Somalia: In this month’s podcast we look at the humanitarian respons… link

Abuses By All Sides Is Fueling the Crisis in #Somalia Reports @HRW. See Interview With Rona Peligal video

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8/07/2011 Day 133 of 365 days


@purplesofa In Pictures: London’s burning, day 3 – In Pictures – Al Jazeera English link

RT @thinkprogress Instantly iconic photo of woman being rescued from a burning building in London link (via @gaurdian)

@ocicat_bengals RT @Noel_Doyle Absolutely the best thing I’ve read about the riots so far. (agree) link via @on_off_course #londonriots

An article, that we think, many of you will be interested in: link #londonriots

2 recent books on rioting: LA RIVOLTA by Pierandrea Amato (2010) and TUMULTI by Illuminati & Rispoli (2011) #londonriots #Italiantheory

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8/05/2011 Day 132 of 365 days


@pitchplog Emanuel Cleaver won’t leg go of his ‘sugarcoated Satan sandwich’ statement

@PRNewser Hass the economy got you in the mood for a “Satan Sandwich”? Toppings suggestions here. link (h/t @fishbowlny)

Photo: Diabolical Unhappy Meal… To go with the infamous Satan Sandwich, here’s the rest of the unholy fast… cool

Words That Shaped the Week: “Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich,” “Dow Jones,” “Fifty”

Commentary: Plenty of ‘Satan Sandwich’ to go around link

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8/04/2011 Day 131 of 365 days


What global warming: 2,755 record highs recorded in the US in July. link

@LeslieMidnight Multiple tragedies in record heat American South – The saying “only mad dogs & Englishmen go out in the midday sun” is 4 good reason

@WGNWeatherGuy Tim’s Weather World: July heat rewrites record book – Chicago Weather Center: link

@SauliusM Record heat, no #solar means Texas is paying 40 times more for #energy link

@ThaPunkMonk Just saw the weekend forecast. Saturday it’s supposed to get all the way down to 100! That’s gonna be nice! #hottestsummerever

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8/03/2011 Day 130 of 365 days


Sydney bomb threat update: Teenage girl has ‘collar bomb,’ ransom note fastened to her – Daily Telegraph

@MrJonty Wow. Australian police attempting to defuse “collar bomb” attached to a teenage girl as part of an extortion attempt: link

UPDATE: Australia ‘collar bomb’ girl freed by police #News

@Cucuzza_ via NewYorkPost: 10 HOURS OF TERROR Sydney Teen Freed From ‘Collar Bomb’ Trap After Apparent Extortion Attempt

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8/02/2011 Day 129 of 365 days


@modernghanaweb Italy finds 25 dead on Libya refugee boat: ROME AFP – The Italian coast guard found 25 dead bodies in the engine… link

@DoubleZhong Sad to hear about Italy lampadusa refugee deaths. They juz wanted a better life😦

@AmnestyMWRO Amnesty USA Midwest
Photoset: What to do with the Libyan Refugees? Amnesty Researchers have realized that a majority of the… link

@SENSEIspeaks NATO Allows Libyan Refugees to Drown in the Mediterranean: According to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 1,500 Libya… link

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8/01/2011 Day 128 of 365 days


@Margoandhow Powerful incentives 4 Super Congress 2 reach agreement. If can’t cut $1.2 tril, or either House rejects, severe cuts trigger automatically.

How’s this for a TRIGGER IDEA:? If there’s no long-term deficit reform, all current members of Congress barred from running again.

@RBReich S&P has been under investigation for 3 yrs since 08′ meltdown, it’s time to pull the Trigger.

looking out window, Financial District is ensconced in fog. It’s also disgustingly muggy. Might have to pull trigger on Central A/C.

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