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12/4/2011 #167


Broken Arms for Egypt

@monaeltahawy Nov 24 I AM FREE …12 hours with Interior Ministry bastards and military intelligence combined. Can barely type – must go xray arms after CSF pigs beat me. @Sarahngb is coming to kindly take me to the hospital. Besides beating me, the dogs of CSF subjected me to the worst sexual assault ever

@monaeltahawy Nov 30 Left arm problem is that break in my ulnar bone is displaced. Regular breaks fuse when bones are aligned. Break in right metacarpal

Dec 4 @monaeltahawy
My take on nudity: #Egypt’s naked blogger is a bomb aimed at the patriarchs in our minds link via @guardian

This one’s for you Mona from me video

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12/03/2011 #166


@MikeHogan98FM Amazing. RT: @Martinoleary What a crazy world we live in. Check out the 45 most powerful images of 2011 link #2011 #life

I really wish this year ends soon, so much losses and shed blood. May Allah be merciful on us. #2011 #Egypt

@MajlaMo We enter another month and the final month of this year, #2011 one of the historic years.

@coolshax Twitter’s top 10 tweets of 2011 | Articles link #twitter #socialmedia

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“TWEET” the exhibition

Kelly Alison

Saturday December 3
6 to 9 PM

Free and open to the public through Saturday Dec. 24, 2011
Nau-haus Gallery, 223 E. 11th, Houston TX

*catalog cover featuring SUFFER THE INNOCENT

Whether it’s “Too Big Has Failed,” the fires raging across Texas, the Arab Spring, the Libyan revolution or the nuclear melt down in Japan, for the last 165 days visual artist Kelly Alison has made a painting a day and posted to Twitter images of world events. Works have been published in numerous publications both on line and hard copy around the world. 60 oil on paper works will be on view at Nau-haus during December 2011.
Kelly Alison, on line and hard copy catalog available here